What to Expect From a Tree Removal Service

In general, tree removal should be left to professionals with the proper equipment and knowledge to avoid damage to your property or injury to you and those around you. However, sometimes trees are beyond repair and must be removed. There are several factors that affect the cost of a tree removal, including size, location and type of tree.

Ideally, you should have an arborist maintain your trees. That way, problems can be identified and addressed early, before they become more serious and difficult to fix. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained trees sometimes need to be taken down. This can be due to a number of reasons, from storm damage to poor health. It may also be necessary for safety or aesthetic purposes, such as when a tree is too close to your home or other structures.

When a tree needs to be removed, it is important to prepare the area before the work begins. This means making sure there are no cars parked in the driveway, sheds or other obstacles that could get in the way of the tree removal crew. You will also need to provide a clear route for the workers to walk back and forth between their vehicles and the tree. This can make the job much easier for everyone involved.

It’s also a good idea to improve the accessibility of the work area by clearing low branches or removing them completely. The felling area should be twice as wide as the height of the tree and free from obstructions such as power lines, fences or other structures. Before starting the work, you should carefully examine the tree and note which direction it leans naturally-this will help determine how it will fall when cut. You should also plan an escape route in case the tree falls in a different direction than expected.

Once the tree is cut down, it should be cleared of its debris and the stump ground down until it’s no longer visible. If you don’t want to use the wood for firewood or other uses, you can have it hauled away by an authorized service provider.

When choosing a tree removal service, make sure they are licensed and insured. In addition, ask about their experience in removing the type of tree you need, and check out online reviews to see what other customers have had to say. Finally, before beginning any tree removal work on your own, call 811 or your local utility marking service to have your site marked for underground utilities. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting into power lines, plumbing, sewer and other important services. Also, always wear a hard hat and heavy-duty gloves when working with trees. Goggles or a helmet with protective face gear are a good option to reduce the risk of scratches and cuts from debris that may fall off of the tree during removal. Also, don’t forget to wear hearing protection. This will prevent the strain of loud noises from damaging your ears.

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