Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful and integral part of many landscapes. They provide shade and add curb appeal, but they also pose hazards when they start to deteriorate or are in an unsafe location. When this occurs, it’s important to hire a professional arborist to assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements for tree removal. While pruning is sometimes a suitable solution, there are times when the best option is to remove the tree completely.

While some people may be tempted to do a DIY job on their own, this can be dangerous and lead to further damage to the surrounding property. It’s also not recommended unless you have extensive experience with this type of work. Hiring a reputable and insured company will help ensure that the work is done safely, and any debris is properly disposed of.

What Are the Reasons for Tree Removal?

There are several reasons why you might need to remove a tree. Some of these reasons include:

Natural Mortality: This can happen for a variety of reasons, including insect infestations, soil conditions, or changes in the local environment. However, it is important to note that natural mortality often occurs for no apparent reason at all.

If your tree is in an area where it can fall on a sidewalk or road, it should be removed immediately. This will prevent injuries and property damage.

Other reasons include:

Root Rotation: This is an indicator of a serious problem, such as a fungal infection or other root diseases that can spread throughout the entire system. It can also be caused by construction projects, or even just by excavation nearby. A qualified arborist should inspect the tree to determine if any root damage has occurred and if it is in danger of falling over.

Leaning Trees: Trees that are leaning more than 15% from vertical are considered a hazard and should be removed immediately. They are more likely to fall, and can cause significant damage when they do.

In some cases, a tree is considered a hazard because of its proximity to power lines. It’s important to contact the electricity company before attempting any tree trimming or removal near power lines.

Homeowners should prepare their property for the tree removal process. They should trim any branches that hang over the area where they plan to cut the tree, and they should clear away all debris from around the site. They should also make sure that there is plenty of room for the tree to lay flat once it’s fallen.

It’s also a good idea to choose a service that employs Certified Arborists. This will ensure that the workers have the right skills and equipment to do the job safely. The best way to find a reputable tree service is to ask friends and family for recommendations, and do some research online. Check to see what other customers have had to say about the company, as well as their credentials and certifications.