Tree Removal Sunshine Coast Specialists

Stumps are more than just an eyesore – they can also be a health and safety hazard if left unattended. Stumps are a breeding ground for termites and can be a fire risk, especially when near your home. If you have old stumps that are in the way, or that are simply getting too large, then it’s time to call in a tree removal sunshine coast specialist.

With over 1600 different species of flora and fauna, the Sunshine Coast has rich biodiversity that provides habitat, food, shelter and breeding for indigenous animals and birds. The Sunshine Coast’s natural environment is important for the community’s liveability, health and sustainability. Many of the local flora are protected by law, and fines apply to illegal removal. Council is working hard to preserve and protect the Sunshine Coast’s unique biodiversity.

A full-service tree company, Arborclimb is a fully insured and accredited company that can handle all aspects of tree care, including emergency tree services, tree pruning and relocating large trees in residential and commercial spaces. They specialise in removing dangerous and large tree stumps, as well as working in confined spaces. Their staff are experienced in all areas of tree maintenance and have extensive knowledge of local regulations and hazard removal. To learn more about their services, visit their website or give them a call. They have a new detailed information section on their site that goes over how they work with their customers to find creative ways to save them money while still providing the best tree service Sunshine Coast has to offer.